Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 22:44:03 -0700
From: William Gillespie
Subject: [Newspoetry] Re: Website design and development for


I was taken somewhat aback at your offer to build our organization a website, because our organization *is* a website, which we already done built, but that didn't dissuade me from considering your offer. And after reading your enitre message, I am telling you with the utmost sincerity: if you're going to hyphenate "stand-out" as a verb, then you might want to consider hyphenating the compound adjective "news-oriented." I'm not trying to be didactic, I'm just giving you a taste of what we have to offer. We're poets and we can bust out some style moves the likes of which you and your buddies at Semi-custom Websites have never seen. I would be willing to consider some kind of grammar-for-site-design deal if I were in such a position to broker it, but I am not, because I am merely a 31-year-old poet on the verge of retirement, not the CEO (Chief Entropy Officer) of Newspoetry.

Nevertheless, I would like to know more about what your firm has is mind when it offers to build us a website. I mean, are you guys going to write us a poem a day starting now and dating back to January 1st, 1999? If so, we would like to know more about your firm and what kind of poets you have on board. I mean are you guys into rhyme or what? Or maybe you weren't talking about content. We are a content-driven enterprise, we all eat sleep drink and breathe content, and that accounts for the large number of words cluttering our site, in violation of principles of clean site design.

Please let us know how you think your firm can improve our existing design.

William Gillespie
Newspoet Emeritus

PS I was slightly insulted by your insinuation that Newspoetry is only a $25,000 website, however. I'll have you know that Newspoetry dot com is *literally* invaluable.

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