5 June 2001

Copyright Infringement Acrostic Sonnet for McDonalds ®

Millennium Dreamers, McFlurry of Mighty Wings ™
Cuarto De Libra! Cajita Feliz! When the U.S. Wins You Win! ™
Black History Makers of tomorrow, Hamburger University Ronald Scholars Changing The Face of The Super Size McWorld ™
Arch Deluxe, The House That Love Built Is Your Kind of Place What's On Your Place ™
Ronald McDonald and All American Design McPrep School Jazz Bank ™
Emac digital Vegi-Mac Hey! Emac digital Morning-Mac Hey! ™
Lifting Healthy Growing Up Kids To A Better Tomorrow, McJobs Made For You ™
You Deserve a Break Today Have You Had Your Single Break Today? ™

Egg McMuffin, We Love to See You Smile, Grimace, and Immunize for Healthy Lives ™
Did Somebody Say twoallbeefpattiesspecialsaucelettucecheesepicklesoniononasesameseedbun? ™
I am Hungry and Design McNuggets, Did Somebody Say McBaby, It Could Happen! ™
Birdie Sing to Me McNifica McMemories of McSwing McMusic ™
Lifting McKids To McOz, A Better Tomorrow, Good McHappy Day McJobs For Good People Means Opportunity ™
Emac digital Hey Hey McSwing! Emac digital Hey Hey McSwing! ™

[This sonnet uses only phrases tradeemarked by McDonalds. It is not really a sonnet but it is definitely an acrostic.]

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