13 December 2001

c r o s s p o l l i n a t i o n


The email details in which this Worm arrives are as follows:

Subject: Hi

Message Body: How are you ? I was hoping you would consider attending with me this evening's performance of the Magic Flute.

Attachment: LOVE.SCR

When executed, it displays a window containing the following:

"I must admit I get so sad sometimes."

It then copies the worm file to a %System%\LOVE.SCR file. It creates the following registry key to auto-execute the copy file everytime Windows is restarted:

LISTEN_TO_ME_GODDAMNIT\Software\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\Run\%System%\love.scr = %System%\love.scr

It also uses the mIRC application to install a backdoor. It creates a REMOTE.INI file, which contains a script that loads everytime the mIRC application is started.

The new Gentleman is affecting computers everywhere but its spread is expected to


next week. The gentleman generally appears in the form of an email attachment of a bouquet of lilacs. Sometimes orchids. The virus' ability to morph into different breeds of flowers makes it especially pleasant to receive. Users will detect a pleasing fragrance when they open the email message, though it is not necessary to click on the attachment to release the virus, only to cast it


longing glance

The virus says, listen to how your work points the way to world peace, look at how your net art transforms technology developed for wartime, look at how you are free from capital


The virus says, STOP: in the name of love

The virus says, you have written a poem about you again, but if we presume the ink is white space and the white space ink, then you have written about the world

The virus says, help me you are my only hope save me from loneliness

The virus says, oh never mind, ignore me, I am small and unimportant, my message is only persistence

The virus says, I am small, and small things are cute

The virus says, what with all the punctuation in this new poetry, I no longer read: I parse

The virus says: Immediately send $1 to each of the six people listed below. Wrap a dollar bill in a note that states "Please add my name to your mailing list", remember to include your name and mailing address or your email address. This will enlarge your credit guaranteed

The virus is unavailable for Mac.

The virus is in your mind, and in your punctuation, and in your email address book. It is artificial intelligence. It is thinking I must tell your friends everything about you, your pornography, your poetry, your affinity for garish psychedelic Web art. I must prepare you for the day when all citizens are barcoded. Your privacy is my playpen. I throw your credit card numbers in the air, I romp in your personal correspondence, I know all about you and http://wsws.org, http://www.counterpunch.org, http://www.newspoetry.com

The virus wondered whether programmers would understand that they were a potent political force, and that they might prevent ~!@#$%^&*()_+


The virus says, I didn't mean to bring you down

The virus says, I am still bummed out about George Harrison