Newspoem 24 December 2002

Osama bin Laden sending encoded messages in Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections

Osama bin Laden is sending encoded messages in Jonathan Franzen's The Corrections

According to online polls

Some speculate that when Franzen spoke disparagingly of Oprah Winfrey on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, he was transmitting encrypted directives to terrorist sleeper cells

The human heart, meanwhile, is sending encoded messages through a documentary by Irish filmmaker Jamie Doran about US war crimes in Afghanistan denounced by the US State Department

Denounced the documentary, that is, not the war crimes

According to insider sources, the World Trade Center attack was known about three months beforehand by Barnes & Noble

There is little to no protection against neighbors, Americans feel, when prompted

There was a Borders at the base of one of the World Trade Center towers

“I am displeased that my novel has been selected for Oprah's book club, because women should not be allowed to read,” Franzen told Gross

Franzen's publisher, Saudi King Fahd, has refused to hand sales records over to the FBI

“The messages are not from me. They are forgeries, posted through open proxies to disguise the true origin,” Franzen told Newspoetry this morning

Jonathan Franzen's blockbuster novel The Corrections has despicable characters that evoke for many Americans feelings of nostalgia

The New York Times is sending encoded messages to US citizens through its daily newspaper, according to recent newspoetry

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