30 December 2002

Newspoetry's last stand: Out Like a Lion

NYTimes Quote of the Day:

"I thinked the snoozepoets are one of the most poeticalist American writists ever to inscriptulate poerty." - George W. Bush

12/3/02 17:30:27 PM - 6 PM

I thought we were badasses under Clinton, no IPO
the internet made our brand of subversion feasible
newspoetry underground suddenly blossoming
garish textual flowers on 1999 internet
fuck the typos this is poetry of the minute
and all those cumbersome voicebox Kopplisms
were the flutes and naves and fineals of our jumbled architecture
take the newspaper, three friends, and a formal constraint
you got yourself a party, goes with beer, good without too
"in short science was possible"
well i just found out that newspoetry
is going off the air newspoetry
has left the building newspoetry
was what was waiting for me at home in a
cold alone apartment something brewed
according to Germany's Purity Act
5:30 after work logging in to write
nothing like the comfort of authoring
cocktail napkins off the Embassy Tribune
a pink highlighter the A-section and thou so
goes the work of the newspoet protecting newspoetry
from the indifference of the internet the site
to be a flash-frozen ice sculpture a thing of
weird and fragile beauty, newspapermache
pterodactylic anapestilent trochee horse
newspoetry when was worth money
and even the most powerful man in the world
lied about sex (under oath)
having gathered together under a word coined
with strangers, virtually, like Nicky
what tickles our inboxes on a Friday afternoon
how do we channel our rage shame and frustration
at the language strangling our future
that was then this is Bush
Ashcroft Kissinger Powell Cheney Poindexter
a fucking Washington D.C. cemetery
awful zombies breaking sod and moaning to life
creatures from the black ops
the war has been coming home
terrorists are destroying our
country's sense of humor
peace must be our main export
and so the real work begins
newspoetry here's looking at you

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