23 July 2002

Newspoetry Personality Inventory

Answer the following questions true or false. The results will help us determine whether you are a newspoet.

  1. My daily life is full of things that keep me interested.
  2. There are many beautiful words that do not contain the letter E.
  3. The government is reading my poetry.
  4. I often find that the internet makes me nervous.
  5. Chomsky has a point.
  6. The New York Times tells little white lies.
  7. I have written poetry and have not been concerned about whether it was publishable.
  8. I see news around me that other people do not see.
  9. Sometimes I read a newspaper and don't notice any facts.
  10. I think I would like the work of a typewriter.
  11. A nuclear war could have undesirable consequences.
  12. I sometimes wonder what anybody could possibly mean by "evil."
  13. I seldom worry about North Korea.
  14. I like to go to protests and other affairs where there is lots of loud fun.
  15. Sometimes in elections I vote for people I don't think will win.
  16. I wish I were not bothered by thoughts about international trade agreements.
  17. I think I would like to be a folksinger.
  18. Cluster bombs make me uncomfortable.
  19. Ginsberg has a point.
  20. People should try to understand the newspaper and be guided or take warning from it.
  21. Politicians often disappoint me.
  22. I have often read statements by people who were supposed to be experts who were no better than I.
  23. Once in a while I read things too bad to write about.
  24. I think I would like the kind of work riot troops do.
  25. I am almost never physically sickened by the news.
  26. I wish I could be as happy as the people in People Magazine seem to be.
  27. At times I understand so well it bothers me.
  28. I love my president, or (if the president is impeached) I loved my president.
  29. Some days I don't find it hard not to give up hope.
  30. I breathe almost every day.
  31. Most people will use somewhat unfair means to gain profit rather than to lose it.
  32. I think I would like the work of a nuclear weapons researcher.
  33. I almost never commit a felony.
  34. I like poetry.

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