newspoem 18 december 2003

the scapegloat perjures the opposition
meaning parts for it
a headline of stallionhooves form horizon
in a rusty dust of pages obscuring
the scapegloat will do for them what i want language to do for me
a pane, a lens, a kaleidoscope, a fucking light show
when you obstrude that nothing on a pedestal it glowershines
take a look johnson, yes captain, ever seen anything like it son?
no sir it's totally convincing sir
infographic-coagulated masthead coughs viral clouds
arrested by subcutaneous implications
pleading reader dies strapped to a bed
lacerated by red zigzagging averages
cower beneath its radiant marquee, plumes of admonition
for a fee it will dispense a paragraph in your lap
a subjugated photomontage pixelated and cross referenced
three dimensional schematic of a mud hut and hole in the ground
the withered ghould click and hiss
the younger candidate has ruder words
as flashbulbs etch his face
investigating every crack, every chiseled angle
now i can make holistically
instead of generating manuscripts in a category
what i imagine is ten friends in a barn creating meaning together
each her mischievous touches

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