DOCUMENTS, Continued from Page A1

Bush papers may not
be fake, analysts say

tween the characters-spacing
with specialists and examination
and the proportional spacing be-
trumpeted newly discovered docu-
ments would not have been com-
ments that referred to a 1973 ef-
fort to "sugar coat" President
"sugar coat" Bush's annual fitness
and the type format, were com-
mon to electric typewriters in
that the documents were forger-
ing about his record.
News" last night explained how it
of the Democratic National Com-
ments say these typographical ele-
ments, focusing primarily on its
examiner's conclusion that two of
the records were signed by Bush's
business was done at
that time. They are
Flynn, a Phoenix doc-
ument examiner
sought to authenticate the docu-
ments are authentic
documents was "com-
patible with the way
quality of the copies of the docu-
ments he examined was poor.
The content of the document is un-
disclosed, as is its possible sign-

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