Newspoem 28 September 2004

"Former President Bill Clinton's heart bypass expected today will probably be an ordinary replumbing of his ailing heart not some new whiz-bang robotic or keyhole surgery leading surgeons say."-Ireland Online

clinton's heart wept openly on the operating table an injection of tetra hydro cannabinol took the edge off

so many planes in the sky 1000 american troops dead in iraq

when ronald reagan died in a rough edge of town above a boarded up hospital shone a billboard depicting a colorful pile of jellybeans on the sidewalk before it a pile of dogshit

president clinton's heart did they inject the news into your valves on september 11th 2004 do you wish you could teach that john kerry to grow an ass and blow sax did you flatline your assault weapons ban was not renewed legislation passed in 94 outlawing instruments of mass murder a good idea into the ether

flagshrouded coffins conveyorbelt through your arches parts of iraq are not secure but the twist given by deranged rhetoric escapes the light and so without any meaning to hitch it to the solitary stanza under glass is left no option save to publish through the screen of newspoetry that which passes for information to those whose education gives them the peculiar ability to calibrate information those who know those in the know that it is too late for the left wing of the two right wing party system and the heart of a president who read books who like the rest of us lied about sex and drugs neither to inhale nor ejaculate

did we have a vision collectively of a petroleum farm rising from the bedrock the commodity we most need to combust somehow the fox news has won dinosaur bones and smoking stones president clinton's heart did you willfully deceive us when you in the guise of power opened the language to your ideas about language to your policies regarding the collapse of structures intended to protect people from the market told in your voice of honey if they told me i'd be nostalgic for it

i would have laughed

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