there's no better antidode to poverty than a good
well paying job
the story i think is a good one
the data he's using is old data
what america needs is a charismatic sentence
good versus evil
mellifluous southern senator
impaling the rhino
no suggestion of what they're
going to do about
roll back tax cuts
i want everyone to hear
roll back tax cuts
for people making more
than 200,000 a year.
tax cuts for
health care.

rolling back tax cuts
a negation of a
honesty a simple insistence upon the facts
solid if backed by a credible oratory

now we have tuned in tonight
to learn of this fundamental philosophical difference
i hear your struggling middle class party
i raise you the struggling business owners
the fact of the matter good policy
syntax like a manicured lawn
beside a building
of clean stone
the ten percent bracket child tax cut package
freedom means freedom for everybody
a tautology frames this question
he was a prosecutor putting people behind crime
behind bars

i'm sold
the kerry people were right:

edwards for vice president

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