Newspoem 11 June 2006

Splintered Hypocrisy

splintered hypocrisy, civilized ethical prestidigitation
newsspeak, concave semantics, hyperbolic mirrors
blindfolded words point opposite directions
the microphone recites minefields, bad pills
the shaky weak hunger, language of malnutrition
a terrorist assassinated, promoted
the rich peel into their own species
internal combustion conscience
smear poetry on the burns, soldiers will come home
looking for targets, cross-hairs in their eyes
the ideological war is cold
the war on homeland security is fought in reverse
new scale and breadth of economic exploitation
violence milkshake, diet fear, fear diet
carbombs, not carbs
those who should hurl articulate rocks launch balloons
the president has asked for our patience
accepts instead our jobs, children
release the cogs, let them roll together
a gasball shines above the seductive night
unproductive calculations purge the wheel of number
liberals are moved from hilltop to hilltop
cultivating the poppies of denial, excreting
a slippery lubricant that reduces vision and friction
but they all dream of new cars that run on good intentions
is the decency of indoctrination, indoctrination of decency
halo polish, denial or is that language
a spiritual counterweight? I think we are
all guilty, but then across the cafe I see a woman
teaching her younger brother to read

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