Newspoem 12 June 06

in a paroxysm, violence attacks itself

The United States military has taken it upon itself to liberate America, to bring freedom and democracy to their oppressed people. Coordinating the attacks from secret strategic command centers at overseas military bases, the military began its shock and awe campaign with spectacular bombing raids on Washington D.C. and New York City staged from Guantanamo. Hawaii, of course, was the first state to be freed, though the enormous amounts of bombing caused seismic instability and volcanic eruptions. The military worked around the clock to evacuate equipment and personnel from domestic bases before it destroyed them to ensure the American people had no means of defending themselves. Then the infrastructures of dozens of major cities were surgically targeted in daring daylight raids that caused no documented civilian casualties. We did not put up much resistance, throwing stones and firing pistols at the squadrons of bombers and patriot missiles streaking across the prairie. All we could do was leave our cities for the open fields where we hid under a canopy of corn. As long as the invasion did not escalate and go nuclear, we thought, we would find a way to survive. Foreign newspapers, while we still had internet access, condemned the attack with some reservations. They claimed the military had not planned what to do after the invasion, and it was not clear whether they intended to land ground forces and install a new government, or simply to reduce the country to rubble. Many justifications were offered that did not make sense to us, but the banner headline read WAR ON WAR. Though most media were targeted, Fox News was airlifted to Qatar where they could cover the war in safety, freed from the confusion of ground zero.

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