Newspoem 31 March 2007

Damascus Nancy

New heroes to the hope we've stashed in mattresses for the crash, international law to clausewitz, the philosophy of christ to christians, our response to it to reality, their employers to their elected officials and trusted servants, the troops to the ones who tell us to support them, the military hospital to the rats, the consequences of his abuse of office to the attorney general, the folly of trying to reign in asia to the project for a new american century, pathogen-contaminated water to the board of halliburton, the families of slaughtered civilian truckers to the management of blackwater, salaried torturers and illiterate translators to the ceo of caci, thomas jefferson to the patriot act, those who may not after all be doomed to repeat it to history, accountability to the accountable, guilt to the guilty, a match to this brittle newspaper.

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