Newspoem 1 September 2007

Frag the Democrats

Waking up to this flawed war
the light we cast is streaming
but the shadow is still screaming
the shadow is still screaming

Nearing a conclusion now
Ms. Pelosi, sir Obama
an end to idle dreaming
but the shadow is still screaming
will not desist its screaming

After four more, eight more years
We’ve almost had enough, almost
We’ll almost clear our throats, almost
Our eyes are almost gleaming
But the shadow won’t stop screaming
Hard to shut out the sound of screaming

Interns dip our pens in ink
We’ll consider strident words
Slave away 'til six at night
We’ll roll peaches at the imp
Our consternation’s teeming
But the shadow is still screaming
Really completely screaming

Mr./Mrs. Congressperson
Ms. Speaker of the House
The slaughter’s almost scandalous
These murders just impractical
The theft no longer profits us
We’ll find somebody’s mind to speak
And someone else to speak it
Our tempers not quite steaming
Though the shadow is still screaming
Hard to think with all that awful screaming

Ladies and gentlemen
of the House and Senate
can we submit to you
(off the record)
that we are concerned?

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