Newspoem 5 September 2007


Suck this denunciation:

Ignoble panjandrum
bleating plangent mendacity
impassible roue
mired in turpitude
who, hissing hokey homespun murderous malapropisms
would cozen your gullible debtor electorate
whose offspring are squeezed for the blood to lubricate
your munitions and petroleum magnate
benefactors’ war machine.

Equivocal, prevaricating viper
your noisome ignominy
anaesthetizes equity
masquerading malevolence as benevolence.

May your bellicose effrontery
indurate, then manumit
this citizenry en masse
so that
nauseated from masticating
your brackish agitprop solecisms
aghast at your B-52 Stratofortress
flying 1500 miles over our country
with six nuclear-tipped cruise missiles
fixed to its wings,
we claim our rightful supernal plenipotentiary
—the ne plus ultra of the democratic promise—
and, from a height of 76,000 feet
drop you and your vice
on Tehran.

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