Newspoem September 22, 2007

bush eventually reluctantly admits that israel bombed syria, psychologist says

and she told her psychologist no you're wrong my nightmare about nuclear war isn't a nightmare about being rejected by my family it's a nightmare about nuclear fucking war and these feelings i've been having aren't stirrings of subconscious impulses they're that i resent being lied to by politicans--especially poorly written lies--i think murder is immoral--especially mass murder--as is torture and i don't want me and everybody i know and their dogs to die of radiation sickness in a health care system in which i can’t even afford to get a mole removed and it doesn’t have to do with ids or toilets or the fact that my dad was an ass sometimes it’s about morality English usage and fear and that anyway you just can’t talk about mental health independent of it being a sick fucking world you just can’t it’s not psychology it’s the truth

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