Nukespoem 7 Oct 2007
         By William Gillespie and Dirk Stratton
World war three slaw
with a side of mushrooms
         fried by our arrogance
we wander
         the waste land, belching
         a military solution
to the threat
         of peace, and that's
         all black water under
         the bridge.
         Runs deep,
runs silent, runs dead--
         "Where are based?"
         the academic commando inquires.
         "This peace is about
         war"-- the artist's statement
explicates a poisonous
         cloud of theory,
         verbiage rises from
         the ember
         of a half-idea
of half-lives extinguished
         of have-to's now irrelevant
         of haves now equal to the have nots
halfed by the quarter notes
         of lost notions
framed by craters

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