Newspoem 28 October 2007

Johnny Werd knew that when that rat fuck Silverman who bought the World Trade Center and took out a huge anti-terrorist insurance policy a few months before it was attacked was an oily Mossad stooge who had called off the bomb-sniffing dogs the night the guys in the white van who on September 11th would be arrested in New Jersey for grinning and snapping photos of themselves posing before the smoke rising from the twin towers came in to put the detonators all along the structural support columns so that both skyscrapers could be brought down in a controlled demolition then bought the Sears Tower that the next terrorist attack would be in Chicago, it would be nuclear, and would happen in the election year 2008,  giving Cheney and Bush license to launch a wider war and even suspend the normal operations of the government including getting their asses out of the executive branch so Hillary Clinton or some oily Democrat could be brought in to suck for four years and pursue the same policies but more slowly and with more well-crafted lies.

But Werd didn't question any of that because he was in the armed forces now and his job was to suck it up.

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