Newspoem 10 January 2008

[May] the best man.

We taxes for the rich.

We the building of schools for the poor.

We global warming us.

there any end to reckless empire?

John Kerry duck hunting in Ohio.

Cameras him a shotgun into the underbrush; cameras him a freshly dead duck.

Kerry no duck hunter, just happily his liberal constituency for a few Ohio swing votes.

No footage of him the gun at the bird, nor of Bush the airplane on the carrier.

Liberals noplace; Democrats our votes for granted, in a race to the right.

So Hillary she’s not a liberal and not feminine.

If elected she nukes like Bush errors in grammar or usage.

If Hillary, then for 36 years the executive branch by two families: monarchy.

Obama a diplomat.

African-Americans the world over, except in America.

And they bad-ass, so he not need bombs to his mettle.

Hillary never foot on the south side of Chicago.

Still, they both a lot of explaining.

The congress just over, and the president whatever.

The contest between the two democrats too easily to race versus gender.

Which class from the discussion.

To nothing of issues.

Significant sections of the ruling elite itself up behind his candidacy—among these layers of the political establishment, the same qualities that elements of a politically inexperienced electorate as a valuable asset in the attempt US capitalism from its multiple quagmires and a new means of the interests of the ruling elite.

He his campaign as a “movement” that  “change” to America.

While Washington “with the same drama and divisions and distractions, another family up a 'for sale' sign in their front yard, another factory its doors, another soldier goodbye as he on another tour of duty in a war that never and never.”

Lincoln’s famous affirmation that “a house cannot.”

For her part, Clinton her thinly veiled attack on Obama's relative inexperience and the promotion of her own supposed qualifications, her supporters: “We what we need is someone ready on day one to our problems and those opportunities. Because when the bright lights off and the cameras gone, who you on to you, up for you, solutions for you?”

The Clintons threatened, desperate, the audacity the claim that the politically established Lyndon Johnson, more than Martin Luther King Jr., responsibility for the victories of the Civil Right Movement. So they King for the escalation of the Vietnam War?

That there divisions within elite circles over the choice between Clinton and Obama apparent. Both candidates among their top advisors key state figures. The political content of these “tensions” largely hidden from the people. Undoubtedly, they certain differences over the strategic course by US imperialism, which inevitably expression in new eruptions of militarism abroad, no matter which of the current candidates the White House.

Obama's rhetoric about “change” and a new “movement” over the profound contradictions of American capitalism. If he, the logic of this system, and the interests of the ruling social layer by the Democratic Party him swiftly the aspirations of those who for him.

The unapproached question is whether their policies.

I'd how exactly their policies.

If we something from the discussion let it not be that.

I my conscience in 2000, and strategically in 2004.


Newspoetry for Obama.

But where the action words?

A sliver of hope lost in the cloudy water of the American bathtub.

I fuck on the wall.

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