Newspoem 20 March 2008  

Not White Comedy

Is he too not white or not not white enough? MSNBC wants to know. The latest scandal unfolds when it is revealed that he attended a church with a not white preacher who talked about race. Just when this controvery seemed quelled, and it seemed that people had perhaps made too much of the fact that a not white man knew not white people who admited they were not white, suddenly the story broke that, according to the Wall Street Journal, not white business leaders did not support Obama. Out of the frying pan, and into the pot calling the kettle not white, he had gone from being too not white to being not not white enough. The dominos had started to fall. His middle name is Hussein, his last name rhymes with "Osama:" how not white is that? AOL/Time Warner is not afraid to ask the tough questions. Liberals worry that having candidates of color or gender might dilute the message, according to ESPN2. "Our concerns about the fact that he is not white are almost as intense as our concerns that he is not not white enough. He's not quite at the exact point in the not white/white spectrum that we are at ease with, which would be off the spectrum altogether. Because it makes a huge huge difference. But we're not racist. We're just trying to take into consideration the big picture, namely that this is a racist country dominated by the less cool race. We must protect our institutions and cultural heritage, powdered wigs and Huey Lewis and the News." Maybe we should get things back to the way they were and have somebody normal run for president--somebody who does not have a race or gender. Or is this attitude too reductive, wonders the Cartoon Network, painting things in shades of not white and white when there are a lot of not white and not not white areas. Will Obama, despite being not white, be able to defeat the not male candidate? This sort of news coverage, drones Fox News, is a whiteout.

McCain: this campaign is not about race or gender, class, age, or charisma. It's about mean, ugly, old rich white men. Stay the course.



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