Torpor Stupor Opus

Newspoem 25 March 2008

So: our tortuous op sours trust?
so pout, sourpuss
tut, tut, poor sport, opt out

opt to stop our ports, outposts or roosts?
sort out our torturous torts too?
spur our stupor, roust our torpor?

toss out our Proust tutor?
pour out our stoup?

trust us:
rotors purr
soot pours out spouts
troops sup, sop up trout soup

trust us to tout our post
to stoop to root out ruts
uproot sprouts to rot
trot out output  

poor support puts us out
porous rust spots our struts
our soup pots rot
props truss up torsos—oops—out spurts pus

stout troops strut up our tor
poor sots purport to oust, usurp
or rout spoor

pros or poop-poor proto-troppo tots?

purr our opus, pups:
SOS... SOS... SOS...

tour's up, toots

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