Newspoetry Crop Report 30 June 2008: Soybeans Grew This Month

Soybeans rose to a record after the biggest quarterly gain in 20 years.

Tomato growers expect to be in the red this year.

Corn fell after dropping by the daily maximum yesterday.

Sunflowers up 10 percent.

The latest estimate included 1,200 growers in six states drenched by floods.

Precipitation to fall, experts predict.

Soybeans rose 31 percent in the second quarter, the biggest such advance since June 1988.

Roses rose this year.

Corn sown on 87.3 million acres, up 1.9 percent from a March forecast, and spring-wheat jumped 6.8 percent.

Apples fell yesterday.

Wheat for September delivery fell 0.2 percent, after losing 5.8 percent yesterday, the biggest drop since March 31.

Leaves predicted to fall in October.

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