Newspoem 2 October 2008

Mister Florida and Miss Alaska


Why did she, to forget
the collaboration required
inexplicable the consent of the governed
no freer than multitudes
in votes before
despite longing not will arise
wielding folded, the bayonets

against a future
but giving amendments within
against the timeclock despite them
to revolt out formality, when
hello against despite your to go
without hope, heavy industry
a minaret topples
saddened in swampland and sticks
a tree vision if there
where no better way
to say it


Altogether semantic, the language of aspect
this disregard
to free also is she kind
does that writing through speaking strictly
means exactly exclusively herself
concern even can paper arranged

how shall we include
how not recognizable structures
include many (rhyme)
include aspects
interdependent parameters manipulating methods
reading privilege
act textual, liberating
rules   choose freedom
is poetry what ask
should i
writing other


the world is
nice people who
like me
& weather

enjoy the
flavor & color

a sunset is
the sky's way
of loving you

good things

neon splash
on glass


there would be nothing
fill in the names
render the image material
reverse-engineer the metaphor
unravel the cul-de-sac
translate the whippoorwill
if you were to


The Kalashnikov with every
robbery is theft.
Is there banditry by a related
terrorist?  Is Afghanistan in
everything? Workers aid five assaults
despite operating effectively
longer. No

It will also place better. Net
offensive spring. Major Anonymity
Condition officials
rebels pursuing mountain soldiers.
Focused remnants pursue efforts
equate different situations
followed security


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