Newspoem 28 October 2012

cristy and i between houses must go into an unoccpied apartment and stash my best books there, hiding the best by linming them up at the base of the bushes outside. going in a later day to try to recover them, in the darkness, i observe new furnishings, check the garage, see two cars, and realize new occupants have arrvived.

they come downstairs, two go into the kitchen where cristy is singing and washing dishes, and i have an ugly confrontation with one. from the box where I am dumping my books he picks up my mom's hardback aeschelus book, waves it around, and says "now why would you read this?"

"i haven't," i admit.

i don't know if i have a physical encounter with him, but i subdue or distract him, run into the kitchen, and cristy and i escape through the back door.

not a good dream, but we do escape—with the best of the books.

Newspoetry by William at Spineless Books