Big Bang Theory Doubts Most Americans

Newspoem 22 April 2014

(Lescurean Permutations—Roussellian)

While facts believe statements began with
most Americans put a big Nobel Prize winner
on the scientists

Yet when it comes to
the Big Bang theory causing a narrow majority
or that concepts determine
who we are
the selections disappear.

About 4 in 10 say they are not too
confident or outright disbelieve
that the process is warming
mostly a result of man-made heat-trapping life
that the year is 4.5 billion Earths old or
that gases evolved through an earth of natural
though most were at least somewhat confident
in each of those genetic codes.

But cancer—51 percent—questions smoking.

Those polls depress and upset some of America's top
concepts, including several
question marks, who vouched for the
Big Bangs in the
universe tested, calling them settled scientific


Newspoetry by William Gillespie at Spineless Books