The Iliad

Newspoem 24 November 2014

(after Phil Klay)

Cope read the Iliad and says she now understands
war is the human condition
always has been always will be

but wait

I've been working on this novel
longer than we've been at war in Afghanistan
but I'm sure mine will have a better ending!

We all go to school and graduate and participate in

Is it a good empire or a bad empire?
What is a good empire?
A kitty cat is a killing machine that acts cute and sweet

Life would be better if dad would stop
scaring the neighbors
plus we can't afford to spend so much on firecrackers

Thou shalt not kill
That was in a book
A book they kill about

The wheels on the tanks go round round round
All through the town

Dad don't spend your tax refund on a gun again this year

If the human condition is war
somebody needs to step up
and evolve

How we become post-human
Or the world does

I was happy I got what I wanted
in the color and the size I wanted
but this war came with it
the war was included
and this is Monday
and this is Monday

(sinks for little kids)

I really like your shoes
Have you been to the new Middle Eastern place?
That physics professor is really cute
The Thai place is under new management
I've been eating more organic salad
When I retire if I retire
in forty years
I think I'll breathe poison gas
and electrocute my genitals
and deprive myself of sleep
until I tell the story I want told
about my life

This poem is called ride em cowboy


Newspoetry by William Gillespie at Spineless Books