Endless War of Course

(formerly entited: Opposed to married same sex couples carrying unconcealed assault rifles in abortion clinics)

Newspoem 25 April 2015

(after Robyn)

I never finished the book
There was always some contusion or wax gargoyle
Treadmills would open beneath me like escalators
Above a savage mechanical void
Every way a maze of funhouse mirrors distorted me at me
In laughable failure or glorified success
But rather than resign it to ashes
I kept it in a festerjar
A lump of growth that would remind me

They never finished the war
Always another election or insurgency
Every policy opened a new abyss
Revealing an arresting illogic
The violence addict's excuses and games
A fortress, a maze of lies
But rather than pull the arm out of the fire
We shovel in bills
Using razors to stop the bleeding
This cancer would excuse our smoking depleted uranium

Absence makes the heart grow
For those units died, missing, maimed
In defense of margins we don't share

Meanwhile. Follow your passion, they tirelessly bleat
Citing a few success stories out of seventy million invisible dead
"You too can be a leading U.S. intellectual"—an endless joke


Newspoetry by William Gillespie at Spineless Books