Kakistocracy of Thought

Newspoem 20 September 2015

As the public loses the public university
Education becomes dependent on private donations
Thought becomes corporate-manufactured

While commercial media bounds allowable news
Commercial universities shape allowable knowledge
Philosophy, science, English, medicine, law, and economics support the continued expansion of the wealth gap

Thus the right's attack on taxes is an attack on thought
And in fact in a fair tax system the wealthy would underwrite the critical discourse exposing their criminal greed.
But instead they matriculate their children with minimal job prospects and massive credit card debt caused by luxury student housing with laundry service and marble countertops, who fail to see how their dishonest relationship with money relates to living in an indebted country that has declared a literal war on an abstraction, a war without end or moral or fiscal boundaries or any stated goal or possible victory.


Newspoetry by William Gillespie at Spineless Books