They’ll Never Blame the Rich

Newspoem 25 September 2016

The rash of poverty still spreads, they have to scratch that itch
But they’ll never blame the rich,
they say, they’ll never blame the rich
They’ll blame the blacks or blame the police or frame the Muslims but
They wonder where their rent went and can’t ever trust their gut
Over a prevaricating raving racist nut

So Trump is in the White House and the Klan is on TV
They blame our shameful poverty on our diversity
Our taxes burn as napalm fire across the Islam state
While CEOs who pocketed our world back in 08
Are spared their fines, their jail time, and even all our hate

They’re spared for now, but scared and how, they’re straight up terrified
They know, of course, they can’t forever dupe us and divide
We’re hackers in their servers and we’re servants in their homes
And when we all unite we might just default on our loans
And make a bright new White House built from billionaires’ bleached bones

Newspoetry by William Gillespie at Spineless Books