Newspoem 31 December 2016

New Fears Eve. The US flag is now a field of pure white, when the red and blue have, divided on some principle unknown to either, fallen. It's not just electoral shock; we've been electorcuted. RIP away the novocaine complacency of the Obama Administration. The Nazis and Russians have reunited and taken power in the US. The clinking of New Years Eve champagne toasts fades into the gentle tinkle of shattered shopwindows. Raise a Molotov–Ribbentrop cocktail: tonight is a night for celebration, gross booze, sloppy sex, hangovers, fumbled resolutions, cherished fond memories of just about anything even Bush-Cheney, anything, everything we stand to lose as we slide into inauguration day. Pour a glass of United Fruit punch. Our own medicine tastes like banana republics, the taste left in their mouths when when the US manipulated their elections, deposed democratically elected leaders, installed dictators who silenced opposition, jailed newspoets, and appointed into executive positions oilgarchs with no government experience. And let's not forget, created death squads. The waters run black.

Newspoetry Obituary 2016

(For the Associated Poets, Dirk Stratton, Tuli Kupferberg, and not NPR.
For the artists, activists, journalists, and activists, who dared seek new truths.)

John Glenn (1921–2016)
The Reverend Daniel Berrigan (1921–2016)
Pierre Boulez (1925–2016)
Sir George Martin (1926–2016)
Fidel Castro (1926–2016)
Dario Fo (1926–2016)
Mark Lane (1927–2016)
Elie Wiesel (1928–2016)
Aunt Pat (1929–2016)
Mom (1930–2016)
Edgar Mitchell (1930–2016)
Umberto Eco (1932–2016)
Leonard Cohen (1934–2016)
Concepcion Picciotto (1935–2016)
Merle Haggard (1937–2016)
Prince Buster (1938–2016)
Tom Hayden (1939–2016)
Michael Herr (1940–2016)
Muhammad Ali (1942–2016)
Bernie Worrell (1944–2016)
Alan Rickman (1946–2016)
Greg Lake (1947–2016)
David Bowie (1947–2016)
Gwen Ifill (1955–2016)
Sharon Jones (1956–2016)
Prince (1958–2016)
Berta Caceres (1973–2016)
Austin M. X Femme F. (2014–2016)
My brief best friend Aaron (2015–2016) didn't die but he moved away forced to seek his future in the poisoned heart of a rotting empire namely
America (1776–2016) (1998–2016)—WE'RE DONE HERE. Because America's torn off its mask, and if you won't see its face now, there's nothing else we can do to help you.


Newspoetry by William Gillespie at Spineless Books