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The first second use of the word “Newspoetry”?

I had thought I coined the term "Newspoetry" in 1995, when my New Year's Resolution was to write a poem a day about events in the news.

Later, in 1999, I wrote the History of Newspoetry (Newspoem 24 October 1999).

Later, in 2003, Dirk Stratton explained to me that he had also coined the term earlier, in 1991, offering the page below from an old notebook as proof. He had gotten this idea from Joel Oppenheimer several years earlier, in the 1980s, when Oppenheimer was complaining that there was no forum that published poetry fast enough to handle topical poetry.

Scribbles from an old notebook.

Political Poetry weekly:

Newspaper poetry [graffitti script?]

Newspoetry will operate w/out preconceived aesthetic criteria (to best of my ability) - try to offer forum for political poetry that will be as concurrent w/ actual events as possible. No 2-3 yr. lag in books etc. Initially, just poetry: maybe commentary + prose later

Dirk Stratton, anticipating Newspoetry, 4-8-1991

the rest is history