William's Author Profile from the
Newspoetry Swimsuit Issue

Favorite poet
Noam Chomsky

Favorite news source
My feelings

Most recent book read
Cover Up: How DEA incompetence, corruption, and subterfuge lost us the biggest battle of the drug war by Michael Levine

Most recent newspoem read
"The Nine-Haiku Blank Verse HyperSonnet" by Paul Kotheimer

Favorite movie
Bob Roberts

Measurements (of the nearest doorframe)

Biggest newspoetry turn-ons
Writing poems at work, animation, arduous formal constraints, paranoia, realmedia, multisequential fiction, profanity and obscenity

Biggest newspoetry turn-off
Gratuitous references to commercial products for purposes of irony

Favorite quote
"Advice to struggling writers: stop struggling and write"


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