The Mayor of the Moon is interested in development.  

The Mayor of the Moon was elected Mayor shortly after the moon became the 51st state. The Mayor had been born on the moon and had lived there his entire life, which accounts for his unusual development. He did not mature physically. He looks like a twelve-year-old boy, but if angered he will cuss you out like a sailor with eleven tongues.
The Mayor of the Moon is a devout Christian.
Every day he shaves and bathes himself in bleach.
He doesn't want a single germ on the moon.
Or any noncaucasians.

He might stare hard into a mirror
And try to break the glass this time

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He picks at his scab
as he addresses the Lunar Council
and explains the plan for agribusiness on the Moon:

Aside from hog breeding,
the Moon generates revenue
only through
a few very dangerous
automobile factories,
advertising (gigantic billboards
visible from earth),
and nuclear waste facilities.

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small_survpan.gif (24262 bytes)Half of the moon faces away from earth. This is the half where industrialization takes place. The chief export of the moon is hogs. Bred in gigantic low-gravity facilities, these genetically-engineered hogs weigh several tons. Exposed to Earth's gravity, they would collapse under their own weight.
Low-gravity hog waste containment is a science that is still in its infancy. low0270.gif (26202 bytes)

With one-tenth the earth's gravity,
the waste from a hog farm can


To deal with the problem, the Mayor's most recent plan involved filling rockets with hog waste and firing them into the sun,although this was widely protested on Earth. But a missile went awry and passed too close to the Earth and burned up in the atmosphere over Washington DC, scattering a rain of flaming hog shit up and down the east coast for several days. The Washington monument needed to be repainted.
There is a rumor that hogs have adapted to life on the moon. Many workers have sighted wild hogs running across the moon outside the facilities, apparently able to exist without air. These reports are generally attributable to stress caused by the horrific and unsafe working conditions in lunar hog farms.
Still, some insist that mutant hogs are in league with the Mayor of the moon.

like an irradiated prion the light 01291997_thumb.jpg (3065 bytes)
oozes across the microscope slide
smoothly scrolling in Moonlimo window
a reflection of earth
its blue oceans and green

The results of the Mayor's physical examination spool out on a ticker tape coiling onto the councilroom floor:
A form of porcine spongiform encephalepsy
Is causing his mind to deteriorate

Symptoms include:
Demonstrating a generosity with public funds
Toward development
Irrespective of working conditions
And with indifference to environmental degradation

In the councilroom there is squealing.

The mayor is wearing a porco04.JPG (10066
helmet grunting through a bull
horn to a crowd of striking
lunar auto workers.

He is rabid and foaming and bites the stenographer.

Moontroops in riotgear storm the councilroom with stunguns.

The Mayor is hogtied and forced into the back of a Moonbus.

He is shackled in a crater and howls at the earth until the inside of his helmet is flaked with spittle and foam.
He is not a human, you see, he is a business,
and he is therefore perfectly suited for life on the moon.

The Mayor screams in the silence of the crater,
struggling against the drifting iron chains that restrain him.
Once beautiful relic turned spherical vacantlot.
The Mayor of the moon has punctured his suit. His nose is flattening. Air is hissing out slowly, forming a mist drifting up toward earth across the grey horizon. The earth is the only color to be seen. His teeth are changing their shape as the air escapes. His ears are stretching toward the earth, in two points. His fingers are curling into his hand. Escaping water vapor spews slowly away in an arc of glitter. The mayor writhes and grunts, his legs retracting, his hands hooves inside the pressurized gloves. As the pressure drops, the Mayor explodes and the inside of his helmet is blood.

On Earth it is announced:

The Mayor of the Moon
has died of natural causes.
But the cars are getting shipped to earth on time
and production is up
as the third quarter wanes.
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