1 January 2003
5:52:28pm Wed Dec 10 ?>grep Bush news (Sondheim)

Bush Restoring Cash Bonuses for Political Appointees. (Bush and Bin) the president who now apes Ronald Reagan. Bushmaster takes us "forward" into the next one. The Bush administration has pushed the U.N. inspection team to identify key Iraqi weapons scientists and spirit them out of Iraq so they can be offered asylum. Elliot Abrams's selection as President Bush's director of Middle Eastern affairs plunged him into one of the sharpest disputes in the nation's capital. In removing the leaders of his economic team, President Bush signaled that not even a popular wartime president can ignore the political peril of a weak economy. The Bush administration has recruited American writers to give readings around the globe in a campaign to use culture to further American diplomatic interests. Two Casualties as Bush Seeks Economic Fix. "It's a Wonderful Life" has special resonance for the Bushes, Iraq and Sister Souljah. Bush Said to Pick Chief of Railroad for Treasury Job: rail tycoon John W. Snow, chairman of the CSX Corporation, has emerged as President Bush's choice to replace Paul H. O'Neill as Treasury secretary. Bush puts a face on economic plan to put US economy back on track. Opposition to the Bush plan for pre-emptive, unilateral war. President Bush selected William H. Donaldson, a former head of the New York Stock Exchange, to chair the Securities and Exchange Commission. Europe still holds me here. I left when there was a Bush in oil. George W. Bush is bound and determined to start a war over it. It's the Hussein hunting season. There are nine things President Bush should do to combat the current beat of the doldrums.

Mr Duncan Smith said
reports in weekend newspapers raised the question
our hearts are broken, as yours
several Arabic-language newspapers
essays would also be reprinted in foreign newspapers and
(newspapers/television), and hence actually a boojum
is what I read in the newspaper?
but we're not stopping at newspapers
the Sun agrees ("It is not a newspaper's job to hate")
and a rate can change
the male newsperson looks concerned
Newspaper? I say yes
such material may no longer surprise most of us

a match is sometimes all it takes to start a fire
with a focused cone
one last hand breaks the cemetery
surface and proffers
a sign known as the bird
we were just following orders
the poet writes its network
government report on Iraqi human
rights abuses as "opportunistic"
lie down in front of banks
the monster's arm sutured to its forehead
the network is a metonymy
standing in for the source of its control
what kind of strange between wealthy men
tempted to believe in explanation
a crude polish, a rough gloss
candy colored enamel screen
digestible information pills
a damn about structure anymore
had to impeach the president on my way to work
because the lines at the subway were too long
called off the war
because I was hungry
the thought of all those bombs being dropped
when I couldn't even get a sandwich
irked me
personal problems created conditions in
which planes could not take off
united laugh loudest in comedy of errors
contain all the emotions coming out of it and have a sense of closure

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     40 year

the criminal justice system we all know and love

one lover
               a court heard yesterday

but i love when someone BEGINS by saying they have no interest in an

in a world brimming with bad news

                    here's one of the happiest trends

the perfect gift for the Times lover on your list

as close as you can come to free love

wearing a pirate hat and boxing gloves with his arms around Tony

say hi to everyone in Brussels

clover yoked to curves, so

I love you Tyrone

love to silence.....but never could:

                         "Amiri Baraka"

a counter-example is Keith Douglas who loved war:

                         his poetry

queer way bequeath bow doubting sections love raise hosts leaders minister

pieces of paper. Many of the papers were love poems back to loved ones and

                                                  love affairs.

[T]his book is a mystery, a mere chimera: it has a lovely woman's

                         strains waiting

powerful kiss sensual erotic

beckoning love canal

slovenia united kingdom united states reads provocative acts between two


     actually just curious people love puzzles love solving complete



pulsing shaft continued draw loves show off


strong message support frontline forth began thrust

love life lie



said Now at breasts hands

twisting lovers big cock

panties off


Moses and to Aaron

love for her Isaac

          question effect same

lover Each time mouth felt

chance such largely

face shoulder


crossed new threshold just head

leave let enjoy lover


will make you

workers with their

And probably



          father's bed even

living in this

land of Egypt this


heard. Tyranny loves nothing better than a silent populace. As left to
the freezing dog nite of capitalism.

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