my god it is already 1/1/03 13:02 PM
despite vampire daylight the newsparty tumbles on

chris rolls eugene kind in the oregonian
with this stitch, the newsparty bumbles on

groggy sam intones pass me that tasty tasty stick boy for what rhymes with oregonian
in a cone of succulence, the newsparty rumbles on

adam is beginning his pedal steel solo fraught pleasant angst
the stuff of legendary regret, the newsparty stumbles on

nicky has demolished three of the interior walls of the house in search of a rhyme for angst
with insufficient reference, the newsparty grumbles on

it is too late for the revolution started at 6
so quoth john, the newsparty fumbles on

that was before dear editor
handed scott the left-handed telecaster
handed don the soapbox
handed kate the curacao-goldschlager-jagermeister banana smoothies
handed gina the microphone whose copper cable coils through a rack of fuzzboxes

so help us we have penciled in the new war news year
and in the jingle jangle morning
the newsparty thunders, thimbles, rambles, pebbles, candles on, on

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